USWCA Senior National Results

1st Event Winners: Szymaszek (Schenectady)

1st Event Runners-up: Hutchinson (Broomstones)

2nd Event Winners: Montgomery (Mayfield)

2nd Event Runners-up: Morgan (Philadelphia)

3rd Event Winners: Jennings (Charlotte Belles)

3rd Event Runners-up: Landon (Green Bay)

4th Event Winners: Ronk (Green Bay)

4th Event Runners-up: Gherardi (Hibbing)

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Kennedy & Wilson Event Winners

Winners of the recently completed Kennedy and Wilson events.



1st Event: Phil Brester, Paul Salander, Kent Olson, Larry Vahle

2nd Event: Dee Bennett, Steve Parke, Nate Hess, Ray Anderes

3rd Event: Robb Vaughn, Nate Beer, Andy Stegman, Scott Tiezzi



1st Event: Pete Carmichael, Nate Hess, Ron Hindt, Char Carmichael

2nd Event: Kent Olson, Frank Stegman, Court Schuett, Ray Anderes

3rd Event: Dawn Hess, Lisa Salander, Andy Stegman, Max Salander

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