Men's Bonspiel Winners

Winners of the 2020 Waltham Men's Bonspiel was the Palmer rink from South Bend who successfully defended their 2019 win.


Team members (left to right)

Dean Palmer (Skip), Blair Vandenburg (Vice), Jared Coughlin (2nd), Steve Parke (Lead/Waltham)

1st Event Runners-up: Waltham


Robb Vaughn(Skip), Kyle Videgar (2nd), Nate Beer (Vice), Tom Anderson (Lead)

2nd Event Winners: Appleton


 Jim O’Neill (Skip), Denny Kroner (Vice), Craig Schessler (2nd), Jeff Stubbe (Lead)

2nd Event Runners-up: Madison


Pat Roe (Skip), Scott Manthey (Vice), Chad Drahein (2nd), Brad Thompson (Lead)

3rd Event Winners: Madison


Dave Carlson (Skip), Phil Boutwell (Vice), Dave Peterson (2nd), Anthony Frey (Lead)

3rd Event Runners-up: Lodi


Cam Purcell (Skip), Kelly Purcell (Vice), Chad Schroeder (2nd), Brad Crary (Lead)

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