Waltham Curling Club Award winners from the 2016-2017 season.


Currie Mens

Scott Tiezzi, Court Schuett, Will Vaughn, Kent Olson

The team of Will Vaughn (Skip), Kent Olson (Vice), Court Schuett (2nd), and Scott Tiezzi (Lead) were winners of the 2017 Currie Event.   This was the first Currie win for both Court and Scott.

Klinefelter Men's

Klinefelter Mens

Nate Beer, Nate Hess (Not pictured: Dee Bennett)

Wylie Host Men's

Wylie Host Mens

Michael Zasada, Mike Hess, John Hagenbuch, Scott Johnson

Kennedy Men's

Kennedy Mens

Paul Salander, Kent Olson (Not pictured: Phil Brester, Larry Vahle)

Icemaker Men's

Icemaker Mens

Steve Parke, Ray Anderes, Nate Hess (Not pictured: Dee Bennett)

Jones Men's

Jones Mens

Scott Tiezzi, Nate Beer, Robb Vaughn (Not pictured: Andy Stegman)

Wilson Open

Wilson Open

Nate Hess (Not pictured: Pete Carmichael, Ron Hindt)

Finley Open

Finley Open

Court Schuett, Ray Anderes, Kent Olson (Not pictured: Frank Stegman)

Zolper Open

Zolper Open

Lisa Salander, Dawn Hess with a member of the Zolper family - Kandi Zolper (Not pictured: Andy Stegman, Maxwell Salander)

Tuesday Men's

Tuesday Mens

Scott Johnson (Not pictured: Pete Carmichael, Frank Stegman, James Lisafeld)

Wednesday Open Kinzer

Wednesday Open Kinzer

Mike Hess, Rachel Puckett, Bev Scharlau, Don Scharlau

Thursday Men's

Thursday Mens

John Hagenbuch, Steve Parke, Will Vaughn, Mike Sundberg (Not pictured: Tom Anderson)

Sunday Open Stevenson

Sunday Open Stevenson

Lisa Salander, Dawn Hess, Ken Kuefler  (Not pictured:  Jen Dooley)

Sunday Open Wallace

 Sunday Open Wallace

Al Kueffler, Sally Vancil (Not pictured: Pete Carmichael, Char Carmichel)

Wednesday Open Johnson

Johnson Open Wednesday Night

Bonnie Campbell, Karol Hindle (Not pictured: Larry Vahle, Jane Vahle)

Family Fun Bonspiel

Family Fun Spiel

Mike Hess, Nate Hess, Dawn Hess 



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