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First episode Friday 1/3/2020 at 8:30 pm Central.

"Curling Night in America" is back for its sixth season on NBCSN! USA's Jamie Sinclair and John Shuster rinks and the mixed doubles duo of Sarah Anderson and Korey Dropkin battle teams from Scotland, Italy and Japan for the U.S. Grand Prix of Curling title as NBCSN presents "Curling Night in America!".

Curling Night in America Winter 2020 Broadcast Schedule

(all times CT zone and subject to change)

Jan. 3 8:30 p.m. USA men vs. Scotland

Jan. 10 9 p.m. USA vs. Japan (mixed doubles)

Jan. 17 8 p.m. USA women vs. Scotland

Jan. 31 10 p.m. USA women vs. Italy

Feb. 14 10 p.m. USA vs. Italy (mixed doubles)

Feb. 21 8 p.m.  USA men vs. Japan

Feb. 21 10 p.m. USA women vs. Japan

Feb. 28 10 p.m. USA vs. Scotland (mixed doubles)

March 6 8 p.m. USA men vs. Italy

March 6 10 p.m. (repeat of episode 8)

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