U18 Playdowns

MCA Under-18 Playdown Results


Great curling by all the teams represented at this year's MCA Playdowns.  Winners will be representing Midwest Curling Association at the 2020 National U18 Championships at Wausau in March.

Girls Winners - Waltham


Bella Hagenbuch, Genevieve Salander, Mae Hagenbuch, Faith Geake

Girls Runners-up - Exmoor


Audrey Gottschild, Katharine Kassner, Noa Yedlin, Angelina Kassner

Boys Winners - Waltham


Maxwell Salander, Logan Brandner, Logan Fahr, Dagen Setchell

Boys Runners-up - Exmoor


Max Kassner, Nick Schallmo, Koen Brown, Will Ortell


Waltham 2-0 - Advance

Exmoor 1-1

St.Louis 0-2


Waltham 3-0 - Advance

Exmoor 2-1

Windy City 1-2

St.Louis 0-3

Friday, 12/27/19 9:00 am

St.Louis Boys vs Windy City Boys - Winner - Windy City

Exmoor Girls vs Waltham Girls - Winner - Waltham

Friday, 12/27/19 12:30 pm

St.Louis Girls vs Exmoor Girls - Winner - Exmoor

St.Louis Boys vs Waltham Boys - Winner - Waltham

Windy City Boys vs Exmoor Boys - Winner - Exmoor

Friday, 12/27/19, 4:00 pm

Waltham Girls vs St.Louis Girls - Winner - Waltham

Exmoor Boys vs St.Louis Boys - Winner - Exmoor

Waltham Boys vs Windy City Boys - Winner - Waltham

Saturday, 12/28/19 9:00 am

Exmoor Boys vs Waltham Boys 

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